Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, November 18th...

We absolutely LOVE the bands we are playing with,
and at our favorite venue in the city no less,
This is gonna be a good one folks...

9:00 - Monohsoulo

(featuring mark ospovat [emandee studio], jen aborn [cmonkey], brett koller [champion collision] ,david mecionis [the greys] ,scott loving [swift ships] , and rick snell [5 deadly venoms/dufus].

10:00 - Gracefully

(formerly So L'il)

11:00 - Land Of Tomorrow

(featuring members of The Caufield Sisters [one of the all-time greats] and Home)

Click on the names above to hear the crazy sounds!

and best of all, this show is FREE!

Zebulon Concert Cafe
258 Wythe Ave. (b/w N.3rd & Metropolitan)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

Would love to see you out,

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